Superconductor: Cataclysmic Concerts: The Best of 2012, Uccello at Bargemusic

December 31, 2012
Uccello at Bargemusic

“Next, the Mahavishnu tune “Open Country Joy,” from that group’s Birds of Fire album.  Andrea Stewart slapped and drummed on a battered cello to recreate Billy Cobham’s percussive groove. Mr. Haimovitz took the role of Continue reading

Superconductor: Concert Review: Smoke on the Water, Matt Haimovitz’ Uccello play jazz at Bargemusic

June 12, 2012

On Sunday afternoon, the Uccello ensemble visited Bargemusic, the floating chamber music venue on a coffee barge tucked under the Brooklyn Bridge. Led by Matt Haimovitz, the the Grammy-nominated unit of “eight cello warriors” brought some unusual repertory: Continue reading