New York Times: Forces of Nature and Ecstasy – Julian Wachner’s Trinity Choir at Zankel Hall

June 3, 2012

Since the conductor and composer Julian Wachner became the director of music and arts at Trinity Wall Street in September 2010 he has pursued at least two distinct agendas. He has increased the amount of contemporary music performed by the church’s admirable Trinity Choir, Continue reading

New Music Box: Du Yun—Shark In You

May 31, 2011

Du Yun has made a name for herself as a versatile composer and theatrical performer working in a variety of mediums, from orchestra music to art installations. For her recent CD Shark In You, she dons her “pop” hat, incorporating synth textures and trip-hop beats into Continue reading

Isthmus: My favorite concerts of 2009, in Madison and (slightly) beyond

December 30, 2009

Stark, startling and challenging. Matt Haimovitz with Du Yun, Oct. 30, Café Carpe, Fort Atkinson
Music clubs come and go, but little Café Carpe has prospered for 24 years as a premier showcase for singer-songwriters and folksingers. (All praise to owners Bill Camplin and Kitty Welch!) But this was different — an evening of avant-garde classical music with Continue reading

All Music Guide: Figments of Imagination: An Interview with Cellist Matt Haimovitz and Composer Du Yun

November 27, 2009

In a career spanning 25 years, cellist Matt Haimovitz has grown from a winsome lad of 13, making his debut with Zubin Mehta and the Israel Philharmonic, to an institution, noted both as a concert artist and solo recitalist. However, unlike many institutions, Haimovitz has never allowed himself to fossilize, and Continue reading

Voir: Matt Haimovitz et Luna Pearl Woolf Classiques eXcentriques

November 5, 2009

Photo by Martin Laporte

Le violoncelliste Matt Haimovitz et sa partenaire, la compositrice Luna Pearl Woolf, réinventent le rituel du concert avec la nouvelle vocation d’eXcentris. Air frais.

J’ai rencontré Matt Haimovitz pour la première fois en 2006, alors qu’il venait de faire paraître son disque Goulash! (Oxingale Records), sur lequel il joue avec le grand guitariste jazz-rock John McLaughlin, l’ensemble de musique méditerranéenne Constantinople et DJ Olive, entre autres. On trouve sur ce disque du Bartók et du Ligeti, mais aussi du Led Zeppelin Continue reading

Montreal Mirror: Wine bottles, wedding bells and warrior women

November 5, 2009

Photo by Martin Laporte

The exciting eccentricities of November’s classical music programming at eXcentris

McGill music professor and renowned cellist Matt Haimovitz—who now adds artistic advisor and artist-in-residence at the recently repurposed eXcentris to his CV—has made it his mission to expand the parameters of classical music, what it is and who it’s played for. In that spirit, his latest album, Figment, covers a good part of Continue reading

Chicago Tribune: Matt Haimovitz turns classical cello into a switched-on lounge act

October 29, 2009

How about a little Elliott Carter as you sip your drink and nibble pretzels in a dimly-lit lounge?
Don’t scoff. That’s the kind of ear-liberating musical experience you’d expect Matt Haimovitz to deliver.

The Israeli-born cellist is leading the way for classical musicians who seek to bridge the seemingly unbridgeable worlds of contemporary art music and Continue reading

The New York Times: You Won’t Find Them in the 45s Section

October 15, 2009

In the world of commercial music, the conventional wisdom is that the full-length album is dead, that listeners want individual tracks, downloaded rather than on discs. But on Monday, when the big news elsewhere was the release of a single by Michael Jackson, a handful of new-music performers gathered at Le Poisson Rouge and, in two unrelated shows, offered Continue reading

New York Time Out: Opera & Classical – Matt Haimovitz with Du Yun

October 11, 2009

An inventive cellist with an insatiable curiosity, Matt Haimovitz was playing Bach in nightclubs before (Le) Poisson Rouge was a glimmer in anyone’s eye; no wonder he’s gotten into the swim here instantly. Tonight he’s celebrating Continue reading

Santa Barbara News-Press: IN CONCERT : Have cello will travel, to clubland

October 2, 2009

Photo by Martin Laporte

In addition to being a highly regarded member of the classical music universe, cellist Matt Haimovitz has made a name for himself by embracing a more street level, DIY approach than his peers.

When it comes to cellist Matt Haimovitz’s workplace, the definition of said place can take many forms. Continue reading