Voir: Matteo

March 24, 2011

C’est pour rendre hommage à son violoncelle que Matt Haimovitz (que l’on peut encore voir ce 24 mars créer la musique de Denys Bouliane à l’OSM) a enregistré ce disque. Fabriqué par Matteo Goffriller en 1710, son instrument en a fait résonner de la musique depuis le temps… Continue reading

Matteo: 300 Years of an Italian Cello

Matteo: 300 Years of an Italian Cello

Matteo: 300 Years of an Italian Cello

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Haimovitz interweaves Gabrielli’s Ricercari with music from Italy’s leading contemporary composers. Continue reading

Columbia Free Times: Cellist Matt Haimovitz Plays Southern Exposure Series

November 17, 2010

When last we heard Matt Haimovitz’s cello, it was scratching and scraping through a gloriously raucous rendition of Jimi Hendrix’s own rendering of “The Star Spangled Banner.” For more than five concentrated minutes, Haimovitz wrenched every last idiomatic drop from his 300-year-old instrument. To the underage punks outside on State Street, it no doubt sounded like Continue reading

The Ottawa Citizen: It can sing and it can growl. Cellist Matt Haimovitz throws a 300th birthday concert for his cello

July 6, 2010

Photo by: Steph MacKinnon

Check Out the Cello

Snce 1986, when he was only 16 years old and had already attracted international buzz for several years, cellist Matt Haimovitz has been making music on a cello he treasures. It was made in Venice in 1710 by Matteo Gofriller, and Haimovitz says the instrument has a warmth, responsiveness and range of colour that he loves.Haimovitz had been playing another Gofriller on loan, and found this one in an instrument shop in London. He prefers not to reveal the price, “but I will say Continue reading

The Halifax Herald: Cellist Matt Haimovitz is a loner. Musically he goes his own way.

June 6, 2010

Cellist Matt Haimovitz is a loner. Musically he goes his own way.

That is true of all the Scotia Festival of Music master artists, in a way. But Friday night, in his solo recital in The Music Room, Haimovitz  carved his path so expertly and with such unhesitating self-confidence and momentum that he could be said to Continue reading