Globe and Mail: Disc of the week – Meeting of the Spirits

December 5, 2010

Jazz cello isn’t a huge field, but even if it were, the eight cellists of Uccello would undoubtedly stand out. Uccello grew out of the Schulich School of Music at McGill University and delivers a sound so vibrant you might suspect someone snuck a few violins into the mix. The selections, deftly arranged by David Sanford, range from a lush, post-Romantic take on Miles Davis’s boppish Half Nelson to a surprisingly faithful run through the Mahavishnu Orchestra title tune. And while the guest artists – notably guitarist John McLaughlin and drummer Matt Wilson – flesh things out, the bulk of the soloing is handled capably by Haimovitz and his disciples. J.D. ConsidineMeeting of the Spirits

By Robert Everett-Green

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