The Stranger: Fall Classical Calendar: Everything Happening in Classical Music and Opera This Season

September 11, 2013
Matt Haimovitz [credit: Martin Laporte]

Matt Haimovitz [credit: Martin Laporte]

Simple Measures Cello Divas II

(Nov 15 at Town Hall, Nov 17 at Mount Baker Community Club, Matt Haimovitz is the cellist who made his name playing in bars and clubs rather than hoity-toity concert halls (although he’s played in plenty of those, too). He’ll play anywhere, basically, and he is terrific.

He’s a perfect match with the Seattle group Simple Measures, whose motto is “Chamber Music 98% Hoity-Toity Free,” and this is his second time on their bill. This time, in Simple Measures’ second concert of works for all cellos, Haimovitz will perform his classic, solo Bach, while the ensemble will play everything from Apocalyptica (a four-cello heavy metal band from Finland) to Martinu (the early 20th-century Czech composer).

By: Jen Graves


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