Triad Arts Weekend: David English, Mark Freundt, Hope Larson, Lemony Snicket, and Matt Haimovitz on Triad Arts Weekend

H. Thomson

H. Thomson

April 27, 2014

This week we revisit some of Team Triad Arts’ choice recent interviews, and get a musical look at this Earth Day Weekend. Guitarist David English is one of the performers at the Piedmont Earth Day Fair, and we’ll join him in conversation with David Ford, and learn about the art of building the cigar box guitar. Our celebration of Mother Earth continues with Mark Freundt. He’s conducting the 4th annual presentation of the Missa Gaia (Earth Mass). Then we’ll get a little silly & confusing with author Lemony Snicket – that is, if he even shows up. Mr. Snicket crafted the wildly popular “A Series of Unfortunate Events” novels, and now he’s inking out his peculiar craft in the world of detective fiction. We keep the pen close to paper with acclaimed graphic novelist Hope Larson, and a look at her adaptation of “A Wrinkle in Time.” Then we wrap things up with acclaimed cellist Matt Haimovitz. Matt explores the sonic limits of the cello from Bach to Hendrix with indie rock detours along the way. …

Cellist Matt Haimovitz has inspired classical music lovers and countless new listeners by bringing fresh music to concert halls, rock clubs, outdoor festivals, intimate coffee houses—just about anywhere he can reach listeners with passionate performances of world class music. Last September, Matt brought that passion to the University of NC at Greensboro Recital Hall as part of the 17 Days Festival, where Matt explored everything from classic Jimi Hendrix tunes to an unaccompanied Bach Cello Suite. During this segment you’ll also hear Matt’s take on tunes by Blonde Redhead and Arcade Fire. He spoke with David Ford by cell phone last fall.

Listen at: Triad Arts Weekend 


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