Primephonic – Anna Magdalena’s Faithful Copy

“In Matt Haimovitz’s impressive almost-two-and-a-half hour recording, we are taken on a journey through the dances most of us may have heard on separate occasions, one suite a a time, or programmed as stand-alone movements, but rarely had the opportunity to experience in such a neat unit. This rarity is a very special must-have for this reason. The album is full of Haimovitz’s personality, with distinctive expressive flourishes and quirks.”

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Gramophone Magazine – Album Review: JS BACH Six Solo Cello Suites, BWV1007-1012

“Haimovitz brings a beguiling lightness to the line that propels the listener from the sunny serenity of the Prelude to the moto perpetuo of the final Gigue, despite the deceptively complicated harmonic structure of that Suite as a whole. This, in turn, allows the almost preternatural control he displays in the Sarabande of the Fifth Suite to unravel it with all the desolation of a melodic line that has no hint of that previous complexity, and create the impact it should – as a profound statement of emotional isolation.”

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Ici Musique: Matt Haimovitz : Oser Bach autrement

Matt Haimovitz makes us take conscience about how this music is still alive, breathing and refusing to be encased in a stylistic protective shell.

Matt Haimovitz nous fait ainsi prendre conscience que cette musique est bien vivante, qu’elle respire et qu’elle refuse de se laisser emmurer dans une coquille protectrice stylistique.

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