Aaron Copland and Alice M. Ditson Fund Awards for “The Poetry of Places”

May 21, 2018

Nadia Shpachenko was awarded the Aaron Copland Fund For Music and the Alice M. Ditson Fund at Columbia University Recording Grants for her upcoming 2019 album “The Poetry of Places”. Nadia recorded her “Poetry of Places” album at Skywalker Sound in August 2017. The album is scheduled to be released in early 2019 on the Reference Recordings label, produced by Marina A. Ledin and Victor Ledin, engineered by Barry Werger-Gottesman. This CD will feature 8 World Premiere recordings of compositions by award-winning American composers Amy Beth Kirsten, Hannah Lash, James Matheson, Harold Meltzer, Andrew Norman, Lewis Spratlan, Nina C. Young, and Jack Van Zandt. Each musical work was inspired by a unique building: American Visionary Art Museum (Baltimore, MD), Aaron Copland’s House (Cortlandt, NY), House on Island (Pine Plains, NY), Frank Gehry’s IAC Building (Manhattan, NY), Frank Gehry’s House (Santa Monica, CA), Louis Kahn’s National Assembly Buildings (Dhaka, Bangladesh), Lowell House at Harvard (Cambridge, MA), and Newgrange Ancient Temple (Boyne Valley, Ireland). The album will feature 6 solo works and 2 chamber works (recorded with LA Phil pianist Joanne Pearce Martin, and LAPQ percussionists Nick Terry and Cory Hills).


BY: Nadia Shpachenko

READ AT: nadiashpachenko.com

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