Classical CD Review: Meeting of the Spirits

July 2017

“Meeting of the Spirits” – jazz milestones re-imagined for a big band of cellos.
PENTATONE SACD 518§ 659 TT: 51:06

MEETING of the Spirits

Matt Haimovitz is on the cutting edge of the world of cellos. He has recorded many classical works including concertos as well as the Philip Glass cello concerto. And he has recorded many modern works by composers that might be new to you—he is an innovative,solid and often inspired musician. On this Pentatone disk he offers 9 jazz staples, with works by Mingus, Gershwin, Ornette Coleman, John McLaughlin and Miles Davis, all in special arrangements by David Sanford. Matt Haimovitz is featured with Jan Jarczyk, Fender Rhodes and Mark II (keyboards), John McLaughlin (electric guitar), Matt Wilson (drums). Uccello is an ensemble of eight cellists, all Haimovitz students. Audio is excellent, with the rich sound of multiple cellos effectively spread throughout the listening area. If this sort of program appeals to you, here it is superbly presented. It is unfortunate the program isn’t longer. 51:06 isn’t much playing time for a full-priced disk.

BY: R.E.B.

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