Ici Musique: Matt Haimovitz : Oser Bach autrement

Matt Haimovitz makes us take conscience about how this music is still alive, breathing and refusing to be encased in a stylistic protective shell.

Matt Haimovitz nous fait ainsi prendre conscience que cette musique est bien vivante, qu’elle respire et qu’elle refuse de se laisser emmurer dans une coquille protectrice stylistique.

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Gapplegate Classical-Modern Music Review: J. S. Bach, The Cello Suites According to Anna Magdalena, Matt Haimovitz

“For all that we get Haimovitz’s total artistry, a deep resonance to the cello not heard quite like this in standard versions, and an expressivity that is very palpable and rugged at times, without a romantic sort of rubato so much as a baroque one, which is to say that the sort of bravura of the post-Beethoven cello is replaced by a different sort of emotiveness, born of the resonance of the open strings and a restrained vibrato, with the up-down bowing dynamics of the flat bow and the phrasing of Anna’s version suggesting a performance of great clarity and zest. There is a rough-hewn, exuberant beauty to it all. And not a stitch of sentimentality.”

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The Washington Post: Cellist Matt Haimovitz brings Bach to Georgetown’s Dumbarton Church

It’s been more than a dozen years since Matt Haimovitz first took Bach’s solo cello suites on tour across North America in nontraditional venues. On Saturday, he brought them to Georgetown’s Dumbarton Church, where he presented the six suites — split in two back-to-back performances — in a refreshing old-meets-new light.

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